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Key Online Selling Tips – Nate Lauder – Online Marketing Jungle

Key Online Selling Tips – Nate Lauder – Online Marketing Jungle

In order for your website to be credible as selling platform there are a number of key aspects that your site must abide by in order to ensure an easy and smooth sales operation to ensure your site creates credibility for your business and it’s products. If you want to optimise your sales figures via your website it is important it fulfils particular criteria. This article is designed to give you a head start and create a better understanding as to what exactly triggers purchasing impulses from potential customers and how to capitalise on those who are interested in the products or services that your business offers.

- Once a customer is attracted to your site through whichever marketing approach you have adopted, it is important to capture the impulse of the buyer. It is suggested an impulse lasts around two minutes so it is crucial to make it as simple as possible for the customer to navigate to your buying pages. You must capitalise on the initial interest by ensuring that your unique selling points that separate you from your competitors are distinctively visible on your initial click through page. This helps enforce and build upon the customer’s impulse by providing them with the relevant information that lets them know that your site offers the product or service they were searching for.

- Conducting business online eliminates the face to face element that a lot of business owners or sales people can often rely upon to create a competitive edge by building a rapport with customers and being able to deal with any objections the consumer may have in a roundabout a way. Obviously finding a way to build this rapport online is crucial to your success and there are certain methods that can be employed to adhere to the concept of developing what is known as ‘the online rapport’. The most sophisticated way to achieve this is fundamentally the nature of your site; it’s professional appearance, the ease of navigation, relevancy to the click through links, the speed of your downloads, relevance of your images and the strength of your textual descriptions.

- To consolidate this ‘rapport’ you must provide clear access to your company’s information in order to ease any security fears and build credibility for yourself. Ensure that you offer secure, tested and trusted payment offers to help alleviate any possible problems or concerns. Finally, conduct a professional service and offer the highest standards of customer service throughout all stages of purchasing on your site as possible. Leave room for feedback, if you get it right, its great testimonials. If you get it wrong, you want your customers telling you about it, rather than their friends or other potential buyers. An outlet for this sort of mishap can be turned into a positive thing quite easily if you are the first person aware about it. One thing I’ve heard very often is that if somebody is happy with the service they receive they will tell three people, if somebody has concerns regarding anything to do with your business they are likely to tell in the range of 15 people about it.

- It is important that any text or images on your site makes no prior assumptions regarding the level of the customers knowledge of the product, instead it must cater for all potential viewers of various understanding. There are numerous personality types and each consumer has their own particular triggers that enable them into purchasing a product online. Think about your buying patterns online and consider what makes you purchase from one site in comparison to another? Ask yourself whether your site abides by these concepts, if not what are you going to do to amend this? The information you extract from these customers must be used in a way to help adapt your sales process for each individual, selling to them in the manner they wish to be sold to. This is achieved by offering clear, concise navigation throughout the site and again well constructed textual inserts that offers the relevant information that supports your products and services at the key stages in the selling process.

- A key aspect to converting a potential sale to a completed sale is identifying exactly what your prospect desires from their visit. The easiest way to determine what they are looking for is to encourage a dialogue with the customer through the language of hyperlinks. You must ensure that each link that you provide offers the direct route to the pages that the customer wants and is expecting. This helps alleviate the customers concerns and caters for their wants and needs. The relevant information that you need and want viewers to see will be a lot more obtainable using these methods.

- As much as each individual will have their own particulars and personalities there are three main categories of consumers that you must principally concentrate your sites navigational principles upon and they are as follows:

1. Those who know exactly what they want.
2. Those who have an idea of what they want.
3. Those who are browsing and simply need direction or to build association.

- To optimise the likelihood of consumers purchasing from your site, you must abide by this sort of concept when constructing the navigational avenues in the design of your textual placement and hyperlinks and so forth. The combination of great navigation and great information helps the buyer make the purchase without any pushy aspects of selling and allows the customer to complete the sale on their terms just as much as your own.

Always follow any sale up. That is a given, communicate with your clients subtly and to the extent they are willing to. Make it optional but get their feedback and take into consideration their thoughts as you tweak things, once you get it right in combination with a fair amount of qualified targets the results will be evident to yourself and your business income. Hope this information has helped. Any feedback greatly appreciated, any thoughts or requests for any articles then feel free to contact me. Nate 


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