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Google, Yahoo and Bing - and a little about me

Google, Yahoo or Bing? - Nate Lauder – Online Marketing Jungle

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So here’s a little piece I wrote about Google, Yahoo and Bing, the worlds three largest search engines in case you didn’t know. If your thinking, wait a minute Nate you idiot. There’s 1000’s of search engines out there what are you playing at? Yes, you’re right, but let’s be honest with the big three comprising over 90% of the 10.8 Billion monthly, I’d be wasting our time talking about any of the others. In terms of marketing, advertising, presence and importance, these are the big boys and if you if concentrating on other engines (yes I can appreciate a small argument for AOL) then I’d be interested to know which ones and how come 

As we all know, Google is still the main player in terms of dominance within the search engines, commanding an impressive figure of close to 65% of the market share with over unique searches every single day. In August 2009 there were just shy of 7 Billion unique page searches in the US. The main ways of generating revenue from Google is using Ad Sense and the best way to market your business online in my opinion is using Google Ad Words. It takes a brave business owner to focus their marketing efforts solely on Yahoo or Bing but I have known a few to concentrate their efforts on Yahoo alone and get good results, however – they are braver friends than I and I would not recommend not focusing on Google prominently unless it is detrimental to your market. Even with a new name emerging it’s worth noticing that Google gained another 2.6% growth throughout the duration of the month.

Yahoo had 16% of the market by the end of last month with 1.7 Billion searches but August saw a decline of over 4% in their overall share in a month that saw a 2.9% increase in market size as a whole. At the end of the day for the time being it’s still important in my opinion to bestow at least one chapter of your strategy to both Yahoo and especially Bing. To monetise your interests consider the use of www.publisher.yahoo.com. Yahoo may be a flailing engine but it still has an important place in the market and even considering optimisation could be beneficial to those hunting in the right markets. For example I have witnessed first hand a lot of success within the Horoscope Reading / Hypnotherapist markets on both Yahoo and the old school Msn engine. Don’t underestimate the value of Yahoo, but likewise, ensure you don’t concentrate to much of your efforts marketing there either. Find a balance that suits you and is profitable, if you don’t know how to do this, you know who to ask 

Bing launched only in June 2009 although it is essentially a progressive version of Windows Live it has witnessed excellent results. In August as illustrated by the graph below we can see there was a huge growth of over 20% and they received over 1.1 Billion unique search results. What’s particularly interesting about this is Microsoft’s marketing campaign which has seen massive growth since the launch in June, if they continue at this rate, Yahoo will undoubtedly be forced into third place and Google could finally have a legitimate competitor in the market and their will be a shift in change from a monopoly to duopoly, potentially in the matter of months.

What more, Bing has features that Google currently can simply not compete with and many a boffin has been drooling over some of the applications that Bing provides. Here is a great article that gives a great indication of what you could be missing out on..


Great blog by the way, one of the best. It takes a foolish marketer to admit when they can’t compete with somebody else, but these guys really know what their talking about. If you don’t follow the Mashable blog I sincerely suggest you start. (I’m not affiliated in anyway before you ask.)

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