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What a Facebook Fan page can really do for your business:

I know you might have a fan page already but it you don’t have over 200 fans in your target demographic, then you need to get on the grind. Here’s a few of the reasons why, look out in the nearby future for the how’s, but for the meantime here some theory to hopefully help you understand the need to establish your facebook brand. enjoy:

- Facebook, Twitter particularly and other social networking sites continue to post massive growth by offering a platform that is free and provides you with an audiences of over 200 million and counting. Facebook for example according to www.mashable.com post’s growth figures of roughly 20% monthly, totalling a 200% in size annually.
- People are spending more and more of their time online. This is solely because of the behavioural shifts and trends for people to spend their free time on social networks. Creating exposure and a name for your company is a lot easier when it’s associated with a networking site that people trust and enjoy on a daily basis.
- With your fan page being a permanent fixture, not only will you be marketing yourself to the existing users but also the millions who will inevitably join in the future. Without doubt, establishing yourself a strong fan base during these initial stages of Facebooks growth and more importantly the development stages of Facebooks attempt to monetise their efforts, will provide you with a solid standpoint to operate from in the years to come.
- You can easily invite your target audience to your page. Facebook makes it incredibly easy to distinguish who exactly is in your target demographic. You can view peoples age, where they live, gender – you can even see if people are married or have children, what school they go to, their interests, what movies they like etc. An advertisers dream and a marketers paradise, not only does Facebook help you determine exactly who you are inviting to join your fan page, with the click of a button it allows you to publish information, links, videos, or statements to the Facebook mini feed, that appears on the main page of every single user.
- The best feature on the Fan Page is the insight option. This lets you see exactly where your fans are coming from, their age, there language and so on. You can monitor the growth of your site and see exactly how many page hits your page is getting It’s safe to be said this is still really in the beta stages of production and in the nearby future there will be many more options that will help your develop your marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.
- Another thing to note is that you can send personal private messages to your member’s inbox. The Fan Page allows you to target particular demographics i.e.: members in Manchester, those who speak Spanish, those who live in USA. You can then send messages to your particular target audience, easy, simply, and most importantly FREE.
- Establishing your brand, updating your page regularly and encouraging growth of your page WILL result in enquires for your business, sales of your products and many more opportunities for yourself and your interests. Connecting with your consumers in the correct manner and finding the right balance for your facebook fan page can really boost your profits and help grow your brand name and ultimately your business.
- Get a Facebook fanpage now. Can’t do it? No time? Not getting the results from the venture that you wanted? Contact me for evident fan page success. Hope you enjoyed the article, hope this content helps and puts a few things into perspective. Nate


  1. Great post. I've had a fan page for a while and I thought all of the things you mentioned above were part of the ad fee. I wish you lived here, you can help me set this up.

  2. Nate - got guanxi9:15:00 am

    Hi Kimberley :) no it's all free, it's just getting to grips with it initially, but it's really simple and easy to use once you know what your doing. If you want any help with anything particular or have any questions just give me a shout :) I've got no problem in helping you get one set up either. Nate

  3. hi, thanks for this post. honestly this is the first time i heard about it.i am learning more about SEM and your blog help me a lot


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