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Running Adword campaigns and other similar programs

This article was written with google adwords in mind, but the song remains the same for any program when it comes down to the ad writing guide as it is universal. Let me know what you think, this article can really help your business.

Keyword Lists
Simply running a campaign will never suffice as your competitors are spending more and more time focusing on tricks and methods to ensure a higher return of investment. There are many aspects that can be tweaked, many tricks that can be applied in order to utilise your ad spend and guarantee a better ROI.

First things first, you must generate a keyword list that is relevant to your business market. This could consist of 5-10 keywords, but realistically the more avenues covered the better. Once you have a compiled an extensive list, using the Google adword tool begin to research which keywords can provide you with the best ROI and most hits per click, more so which keywords will provide you with the most concrete qualified lead for the price of your ad click.

- For example if we wanted to search for a laptop, there are numerous ways a consumer may look for this product online eg. Sony Laptop, Vaio, Sony Vaio,
- Obviously if you specialise in the Sony Vaoi model, then your keywords should focus upon this line of key phrase in order to maximise the quality of each lead/click that you pay for. Thus resulting in more sales.

Next database all your key searches in a excel spreadsheet, using the method devised and incorporate all of the suggestion tools data in order to provide yourself with a thorough system that is easy to understand. Review these tools and update your spreadsheets regularly making sure that you include any information on any new or emerging markets or other less obvious keywords that your competitors may be taking advantage of.

- use a thesaurus to help make these lists extensive as possible
- use modifying words to expand list in front of the best key phrases, such as Cheap/low cost/free/premium/authentic etc. (check suggestions tool)

Obviously you want as many combos and options as humanly possible, you only pay when somebody clicks on your particular ad, so as long as they are qualified to a level you are comfortable with then it’s all good. The more obscure, tricky the better for example the spelling of daimond ring yields over 1000 search enquiries each month, but due to the spelling mistake the advertisers competition does not represent the volume of searches. Finally once you have completed these databases, strategically use them to your advantage, this sort of data and hard work is worth money.

There are plenty of other tricks, so get innovative and really delve into the ad words tool. It’s all free so make the most of it and get the results that you deserve. If you don’t have time to manage your marketing campaigns, please contact me as it is my bread and butter, if you would like a key list drew up for your business please contact me.

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